Decriminalizing Blackness for Dummies

Dummies_bookBy Mark E. Smith | Fubar and Grill

Nowadays it isn’t unusual to see women cops. But it was before 1973. That’s when the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA) decided to withhold federal funding from police departments which did not end the height requirements that had kept most women out. Discrimination against women within law enforcement didn’t stop, but their numbers increased.

More recently HUD announced that it will implement a new grant standard next year that favors communities which decriminalize homelessness over those that do not. It remains to be seen how many places decide to rescind their laws criminalizing homelessness, but given the love of money in this country I’d suspect it will be quite a few.

So that brings us to how to decriminalize Blackness. And the answer is the same. Withhold federal grant money from communities that disproportionately arrest and imprison Blacks or where Blacks are disproportionately killed by police. For them to get part of their funding back, they’d have to demonstrate actual progress in decriminalizing Blackness, and their entire funding would be restored as soon as the numbers of Blacks arrested, imprisoned, or killed approaches the proportion of the population in that area that is Black.

Or to put it more plainly for dummies, if you don’t want people to criminalize Blackness, stop paying them to do it.


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